Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year..

Happy New Year

Happy New Year..

Happy New Year

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Gold Souk - Deira

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ali Hameed

Ali Hameed
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Learn Arabic

You can find frequently used arabic words and phrases here, I will try to add more in coming days..

First of all, I would like to share these characters with you while typing Arabic in English:

ح = 7
ع = 3
Now let's start :
Street, road = share3
Emirates road = share3 el emarat
Center = markaz
Dubai Trade center = Markaz Dubai Al Tejari
North = shamal
South = janoob
East = sharq
West = gharb
Northen emirates = El emarat Al shamaleieh
Shaikh Zaid road = share3 al sheikh zaied
Table = tawleh
Chair = Korsi
Lighter = walla3a
Key = mofta7
Door = bab
Window = shobbak
Cable = selek
How old are you : kam 3omrak
Salary = rateb
Money = floos
Nose = khashem
Mouth = fem
Face = wajeh
Teeth = asnan
Eye = 3ain
Head = raas
Hair = sha3ar
Hand = yad
Leg = rejel

shu = what
Khalas = finish
Kabeer = big
Sagheer = small
Min wein? = where is?
Yalla nata ghada = Let's go for lunch
Yalla nashrab shai bil haleeb = let's have tea (milk tea)
ahmar = red
falafil = pepper
aswad = black
azrak = blue
akhi = brother
Ya Salam! = Oh great!/how wonderful!
akhdar = green
Al milad sa'eed = Happy birthday
madrassa = school
Yani = I mean
shu akhbarak = what's up?
Yalla shabab = let's go
mabrook = congrats
kullu tamam = i am fine
shu ismak = what is you name?
shu mushkila = what's your problem?
min fadlik = please
Bayt = Home
Subah alkhair = good morning
Subah Alnoor = (reply to Subah Alkhair)
Wallah! = really
mazboot = you're right
shukran = thanks
ahlan = welcome
aiwa = yes
la = no
shoya = little
wa = and
laham = meat
sifar = zero
wahid = one
itnan = two
talata = three
arba = four
khamsa = five
sitta = six
saba = seven
thamanya = eight
tissa = nine
ashra = ten
Wain rayeh = where are you going
Taal = come
Dokhan = smoke
Jaroor = drawer
Qalam = bin
Jehaz = device
Bokra = tomorrow
Mbareh = yesterday
Mumtaz = excellent
Jayed = good
Gada = lunch
Asha’ = dinner
Shams = sun
Sama = sky
Bard= cold
Harr = hot
Alyoum = today
Al Ahad = Sunday
Al Ithneen = Monday
Al Tholatha = Tuesday
Al Arbeaa = Wednesday
Al Khamees = Thursday
Al Jumaa = Friday
Al Sabt = Saturday
Khubz = Bread
Akel = food
Habib = friend
Hadiya = gift
Insha'Allah = God willing
Marhaba = Hello, Welcome
Maa' = Water
Ana = I/me
Anta = You
Keef Halak? = how are you?
Masa Alkhair = good evening
Ma' assalama = good bye
Istanna = wait
Hada = this
Hadak = that
Sho Hada = what is this?
Jameel = Beautiful
Lateef = nice
Yameen = right
Shemal = left
Doghree = straight
Souq = Mall/market
Tabeeb = doctor
Shurta = police
Al Jawaz = Passport
Shai = Tea
Sokkar = Sugar
Haleeb = Milk
Ghali = expensive
batatta = Potato
ruz,rizz = Rice
muz, mauz = Banana
balah, hurma = Dates
seb, tuffah = Apple
tin = Figs
einab, 'inab = Grapes
laymun = Lemon
dajaj = Chicken
Lahem baqir = Beef
lahem kharouf = Lamb
samak = Fish
mezze = Appetizer
iftar = Breakfast
Qahwa = Coffe
Halal = lawful

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Windows server kept restarting giving blue screen

One of the Windows 2003 server was having issue that it was giving blue screen and restarting after windows logo during boot.I had to get Windows 2003 CD, then i changed the server's BIOS to boot from DVD/CD drive. Upon restart it asked me if I wanted to reformat or repair the disk. So i typed in "R" and it took me to recovery console and then in there i typed "CHKDSK" after few minutes it came with results and then after this I typed in "FIXBOOT" and pressed enter. This command makes a new startup sector on the system partition. After that I typed in exit which restarted the server and I found that the server booted normally.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Free BSD: Squid & custom kernel compilation

I wrote the below document many years back after installation of Free BSD and squid on it, now uploading it here:

Using FreeBSD cant be easier than that! Using this guide you can:

Install and condifure FreeBSD machine.
Install your own custom Kernel as per your requirement.
Install and configure Squid with cache replacement policies.
Make your system more secure than ever
Note: if you are upgrading the system,

shift all the load to any other proxy
Note IPs of all the interfaces ifconfig > ip
Take copy of running crontab
Insert bootable cd disc into cdrom and boot system from cdrom and follow these steps.

Skip Kernel config and continue with installation.
Disk Partitioning ‘A’ Use entire Disc

‘C’ Create Slice.
For all the remaining blocks press ‘Ok’.
Type of Partition 165.
Select the slice
‘S’ set bootable.
‘Q’ finish.
Boot manager (*) Standard.
Same for Disk 2.
Don’t set bootable (*) leave the boot message.
After creating the slices we need to create partitions.
‘C’ Create Partition.
After creation of Partitions Select /cache 1,2,3 & /var and press “S” for soft updates.(note: In version FreeBSD 4.7 soft updates automatically applied when we create partitions)
Choose Distribution > Kernel-Developer > User
Installation media CD ROM
Network Interface Give appropriate addresses.
Configure as A Gateway
Security Profile Medium (Moderate security settings (Default))
Note : (Moderate security settings have been selected Sendmail and SSHd jave been enabled, securelevels are disabled, and NFS server setting have been left intact.PLEASE NOTE that this still does not save you from having to properly secure your system in other ways or exercise due diligence in your administration, this simply picks a standard set of out-of-box defaults to start with.To change any of these settings later, edit /etc/rc.conf )

Setting Time Zone (PKT)
Linux Compatiability
Select Ports/Packages to Install
Free BSD Configuration menu-Distribution.
Src > Sys (Source for everything)

Custom Kernel Compilation
cd /usr/src/sys/i386/conf

Mkdir /root/kernels

cp GENERIC /root/kernels/ALI

ln –s /root/kernels/ALI

Edit MYKERNEL file and customize

Machine i386
Max users 254
Options MSGMNB = 8192
Options MSGMNI = 80
Options MSGSEG = 512
Options MSGSSZ = 64
Options MSGTQL = 3075
Options SMP (For multi processor machines only.)
Options APIC _IO
Options IPFIREWALL_Forward
Scsi Controller

Device ahc
Scsi Peripheral

Device scbus
Build the kernel

/usr/sbin/config ALI

cd ../../compile/ALI

make depend


make install

now do ipfw –f flush.

Squid Installation
Note :For FreeBSD 4.7 ver (cd /usr/src/sys/contrib/ipfilter/netinet/)

And copy these three files “ip_compat.h” , “ip_fil.h” and “ip_nat.h” into /usr/include/) and then must restart system. These files needed to squid work as a transparent proxy.

Setenv cflags =’-g –wall’ (Note no space between = and ‘-g –wall’)
Untar the Squid stable tarball

Tar –zxvf squid-xx.stable.tar.gz

Cd squid-xx.stable

And configure as

./configure --enable–removal-policies = “lru,heap” -- enable-async-io \ --enablestoreio=”diskd,ufs” --enable–snmp -- enable–underscores \

-- enable–ipf-transparent


make install

Squid configuration file

Now edit squid.conf

Vi /usr/local/squid/etc/squid.conf

And set the parameters as per your requirement & create cache dir which you defined in cache_dir and set the permission nobody:nobody to cache_dir and do

/usr/local/squid/bin/squid -z

If we want to use LFUDA then in squid .conf will be as below

cache_replacement_policy heap LFUDA

memory_replacement_policy heap LUFDA


cache_replacement_policy heap

memory_replacement_policy heap

Other packages to be install and configure




Cron Jobs

System Security

Lesser Packages

Stop Inet Daemon & all Unnecessary Daemons

Unnecessary Users Delete (user toor = root)

Edit etc / services and block Unnecessary ports

Secure Squid

Secure snmp

Secure Named

Secure Firewall (copy etc/trproxy from backup server)

Secure Apache (Run of different port and ip restricted access)

ssh enable (telnet should b disabled)


IP assignments on Ethernet Interfaces

Copy tcp and udp configurations in /etc/rc.conf

Log rotation (squid,dansguardian) Messages is automatically being rotated

/etc/fstab (noatime,async,rw) for cache & /var partitions

Static routes for internal ips in /etc/static-routes

Static routes for bandwidth /software/scripts/bwmanager-scripts

Configuration of soft updates on partitions

(Note : first check is already soft updates applied or not use command

tunefs –p partition name

eg tunefs –p /var

if soft updates not set could be set by giving following no. of commands

(note: on which partition we going to apply soft updates should’nt be in use first unmount that partition in single user mode. Like following

umount /var
tunefs –n enable /var)
now verify is it applied or not by giving above mentioned command tunefs –p /var and then restart machine.)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ali Hameed

Ali Hameed
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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Al Najood Sweets, Satwa - Dubai

Najood Sweets
Najood Sweets


Pakistani mithai
Pakistani mithai

Authentic Pakistani sweets, Halwa Poori (Puri) available every day, snacks like Jalebi, samosas, biryani, dahi baray, gol gappe, rabri falooda, pulao, haleem & Gulab Jaman available at Najood (Nujood) sweets, Satwa - Dubai 
Phone number: +97143449400

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Sunday, November 1, 2009


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Monday, October 19, 2009

Fairy Meadows - 2007

Fairy Meadows Pakistan
view from Raikot Sarai Fairy meadows - Pakistan
Fairy Meadows - Pakistan
On 15th July we woke up very early and at 7am Taimoor came to pick us, it was cold in the morning. We loaded our bags in his jeep purchased some drinks and snacks from a bakery and started our journey. It was cold and Taimoor asked me to wear Jacket and I told him that I forgot to bring it!! Taimoor said without it we cannot proceed as it will be very cold in Fairy Meadows so we stopped at Jaglot and started finding some warm clothes, thankfully at 8:30 am shops were open and I got one Jacket after a lot of search. We started our journey again and reached Raikot bridge at 10:30 am. After reaching Raikot we hired a Jeep from Raikot bridge to Tato, Taimoor said he will also be going in our jeep and we agreed. It was not an easy 45-minute jeep track. We reached Tato village at 11:30 am and told the jeep driver to come at 12pm on 17th. After few minutes we started our walking track from Tato village to Fairy Meadows. Not an easy one!!Two to three hours track finally reached Raikot Serai, Fairy Meadows at around 2:45 pm. Dilber Khan welcomed us there and showed us rooms, I selected a room and came back to the lawn. There I met Raji Wali Khan and others. It was very cold there so had to wear the jacket. I was introduced to a couple, they were from Belgium, had some very good time talking to them. It was very cold at night, next day I planned to go Beyal camp but due to continuous rain I didn't go there, had some wonderful time talking with Taimur, Dilber and Raji, in evening I asked Taimur to send message to our Jeep driver at Tatu that we will come on 18th. Next day weather was clear so I went to Beyal Camp, it was raining but I reached there safely and stayed there for 2 hours. It was very cold there I came back at 4pm to Raikot Serai. On 18th July at 11am we left Fairy Meadows for Tatu where our Jeep was waiting for us! Fairy Meadows is an amazing place to visit, we stayed there for 3 nights and after almost seven months I am still missing it badly! I plan every night that I will go there again next July but who knows will that July come???

Ali Hameed - Bayal camp Pakistan
Ali Hameed - Bayal camp Pakistan

Wafia Tabina

Nanga Parbat Pakistan

View from Raikot Sarai Fairy Meadows
View from Raikot Sarai Fairy Meadows Pakistan

Another view from Raikot Sarai Fairy Meadows

Ali Hameed
Ali Hameed

Beyal camp Pakistan
Beyal camp Diamir distt Pakistan

Fairy Meadows 2007

I will try to publish my blog about my trip to fairy meadows in 2007.