Friday, September 5, 2014

how to reach Krakow from Prague?

How to reach Krakow from Prague:

If you are looking to reach Krakow from Prague then I would recommend to take local train to Cesky Tesin and from there cross the bridge to enter Polish town Cieszyn and take the bus for Krakow.

Cesky Tesin/Cieszyn is a small town located on the Czech/Polish border. It is divided into two parts by the Olza river: Český Těšín (Czech) and Cieszyn (Polish). On that bridge there were once terrifying frontier posts full of scary-looking gentlemen in uniforms. Nowadays, both Poland and Czech Republic are members of the Schengen agreement and travelling around both parts of the town is not a problem whatsoever.
Here is how I reached Krakow from Prague:

view from the bridge between Cesky Tesin and Cieszyn
I went to Prague train station and got the ticket for Cesky Tesin (cost 12.25 Euros or 340 CZK).
Train departed at 12:16PM towards Zilina from Prague train station.
Reached Cesky Tesin around 16:30.
From there crossed the bridge behind the train station and entered the Polish side of the town Cieszyn.
Reached the city center and got the money exchanged.
From city center bus station is on 10 minutes walking distance.
Got the bus ticket for Krakow from there at 21 PLN (5 euro).
Bus departed at 5:30 PM and reached Krakow around 8:30 PM.