Thursday, July 19, 2012


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  1. Salam Ali. Hope you good. I nee a favor from your side. I wish to go Fairy Meadow. Can you please tell me if I go from Raikot bridge to Jhel Village from bike, is there any facility to park a bike in any hotel or hut, or can I go from Jhel village to Fairy Meadow on bike??

    Waiting for your reply on my mail id ""

    Best Regards
    Nabeel Khalid

  2. AOA Nabeel,

    Regarding your question about going to Jhel from Raikot bridge on bike, the locals of Raikot bridge dont allow any transport other then their Jeeps to go on the road. They are charging Rs 6000 this year to drop on Tatoo (Jhel) and return from there on the date agreed with them, after that there is a three hour walk from Jhel to Fairy Meadows. I have uploaded a short video on youtube just to give you an idea about the road from Raikot bridge to Jhel.
    I have sent the above to your email address as well.