Sunday, July 29, 2012


Tarishing - the most beautiful village of Pakistan!
Tarishing Village
Tarishing village
Situated at an altitude of around 2900 meters on southern face of Nanga Parbat, Tarishing is one of the most beautiful village of Pakistan. Village has around 250 inhabitants, main language is Shina. There is no direct transport available and you have to reach Astore first and from there its a 1 1/2 hour drive and road condition after Gorikot is very bad. We reached Jaglot from Pindi and from there we hired a taxi for Astore, from Astore we again hired a taxi which took us to Tarishing after crossing Gorikot and Chorat village. There are two hotels in the village which are Nanga Parbat and Rupal Hotel. Weather is cold in the evenings in summer and it gets untolerable in winter (around -20C).
Ali Hameed
Ali Hameed, Muhammad Javed and Haroon Liaqat
Ali Hameed, Javed Sher & Haroon Liaqat
Ali Hameed - Tarishing
Ali Hameed - Astore


  1. Ali can you please share contact number of nanga parbat hotel?

  2. Hi Rida,
    I have lost their card :( If you want I can provide you contact number of the other hotel in Tarishing (Rupal hotel or Rupal Inn I think).