Monday, September 5, 2011

few pics from Gilgit, Hunza winter trip

These pics were taken in December 2009 during our visit to Gilgit - Hunza Pakistan in winter

Javed Sher and Ali Hameed
Javed Sher (Lion) and me (Ali Hameed)

Ali Hameed Altit village - Pakistan
Ali Hameed in Altit village

On our way to Altit

Mian Mohammad Javed (alias Javed Lion)

Ali Hameed - Chilas Pakistan
Ali Hameed - Chilas Pakistan

 Just before Gilgit, due to land sliding road was closed
traffic stopped on Karakoram highway (kkh) due to landsliding

 We went to a small restaurant for tea and later we crossed the land slide on foot as we were told that we will have to wait for few more hours..

Karimabad, Hunza valley Pakistan covered with snow

Ali Hameed - Gilgit Pakistan
Ali Hameed - bus station - Gilgit Pakistan

Javed Sher - Pakistan
Javed Sher (Lion)

Muhammad Javed - Karimabad Hunza Pakistan
Muhammad Javed Sher - Karimabad Hunza Pakistan

Baba Shilajit - Pakistan
Baba Salajeet - Hunza

Karimabad Hunza - old town
Karimabad Hunza - old town

Ismaili Jamat Khana - Karimabad Hunza - Pakistan
Ismaili Jamat Khana Karimabad - Hunza Pakistan

Indian helicopter in Gilgit - Pakistan

Gilgit Bus station

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  1. Guy mentioned as "Baba Salajit" is Sulaiman, shop owner of Suleman Aftabi Shilajit Karimabad Hunza
    Ref: I personally know Suleman